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Day long Excursion Trip to Pottery Village

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Tour Introduction & Itinerary:


Day long Excursion Trip to Pottery Village ( 08 hrs ).

This trip will begin early in the morning at around 08.00 hrs.When our guide will come and pick you up from our usual pick up points or your nominated place with a reserved transport.Immedietely you will drive to Saver ( around 35 km away from Dhaka ).Upon arrival,you will visit the National Martyr's Monument.After that your accompanied guide will take you to a nearby place called Dhamrai.

  This place is famous for brass artisans.The accompanied guide will take you to one of the places where you will see the artisans at work.Also you can visit the Rath which is similar to the Roman Chariot.During the Bengali month of Ashar a big festival called " Rath Jatra "takes place here in Dhamrai.After this you will go to have some snacks at the Joy Restaurant situated just in front of monument,before going to the famous pottery village in Kakran.To reach this village you will have to leave the vehicle at Nayarhat and take a small ride by boat for about 20-30 minutes.The accompanied guide will make all the arrangements.Earlier when there was widespread use of pots and utensils made from the day,most of the people of this village used to be potters.Now you will see that only few families are still trying to hold this profession for their living.After spending some time in this village,you will come back to the vehicle and drive back.You will be arriving in Dhaka at around 18.00 p.m.


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