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Bangladesh is rich in Archaeological heritage,especially the mediaeval period both the muslim and pre-muslim,most of it is still unexplored and unknown.The earlier history of Bangladesh reveals that Buddhism received royal patronage from some important dynasties sprang up to at many places in the country.

The main archaeological sites and monument are given bellow :-

Mohasthangarh :

Mohasthangarh is very charming archaeological site of Bangladesh for tourist,it is the main attraction site of north Bengal.It was the capital of the Moujo,the Gupta and the Sen dynasty.Mohasthangarh was establish in 2500 B.C.It stands on the wetern bank of river Karotoa and 18 km.north from Bogra and Rangpur high way road. This archaeological's length is 5000 ft and wide is 4500 ft with an average height 15 ft from the surrounding paddy fields.The other attractions are Govinda Bhita temple,Khodai pathar mound.,Mankalir kunda,parasuramer Bedi,Jiyat kunda etc.This 3rd century archaeologicl site is still held to be great sanctify by the Hindus.Every year ( mid April ) and once in every 12 years ( December thousands of Hindu devotees joun the bathing ceremony on the bank of river Karatoa.

      If you visit Mohasthangarh site museum,you will see the variety of antiquities ranging from terracota objects to gold ornaments and coins recovered from Mohasthangarh site.At present it is one of the major tourist spots maintained by Bangladesh archaeologiclal department

Paharpur Buddhist Monastery :


 Paharpur Buddhist Monastery is another important tourist attraction of North Bengal in Bangladesh.Paharpur is a small village,5 km west of Jamalgonj in th greater Rajshahi district.You can go to Paharpur from Jaipurhat district.Paharpur is only 10 km from Jaipurhat.King Dharma Pal establised Paharpur Buddhist Monastery in 7th century,which is the most important and the largest known Monastery south of the Himalayas.The main Mandir is in the center of this Monastery.This 7 th century archaeological find covers approximately an area of 27 acres of land.The entire establishment occupuing a quadrangular court,measuring mort than 900 ft.externally on each side,has high enclosure walls about 16 ft height with elaborate gate way complex on the north,there are 45 cells on the north and 44 cells in each of the other three sides with a total number of 177 rooms.The architecture of the pyramidal cruciform temple is profoundly influenced by those of south-east Asia,specially Myanmar and Java.

           A small site museum built in 1956-57 houses the representative collection lf objects recovered from the area where you can see the status of Buddha and Vishnu.The excavated findings have also been preserved at the varandha Risearch Museum at Rajshahi.The antiquities of the museum include terracotta plaques images of different gods and goddesses,potteries,coins,insriptions,ornamental bricks and other minor clay objects.

Kantajee Temple :

    Kantajee temple is well decorated temple in Bangladesh.It is in Dinajpur district and it lies very near of Dinajpur town which was established in the year 1722 by Ram Nath,son of Moharaja Pran Nath.The temple is 51 square three storied edifice,rests on a slightlycurred raised plinth of sandstone blocks,believed to have been quarried from the ruins of the ancient city of Bangarh near Gangharampur in west Bengal.It was originally navaratna temple,crowned with four richly ornaments corner towers one over the third stored unfortunately these ornate towers collapsed during an earthquake at the end of the 19th century.In spite of this the monument rightly claims to bathe finest extant example of its type in brick and terracotta,built by Bengali artisans.The central cells is surrounded on all sides by a covered verandah,each pierced by three entrances,which are separated by equally ornate dwarf brick pillars,corresponding to the three delicately cusped entrances of the balcony,the sanctum has also three richly decorated arched openings on each face.Every inch of the temple surface is beautifully embellished with exquisite terracotta plaques,representing flora and fauna,geomtric mythological scenses and an astronishing array of contemporary social scenes and favorite pastes.The beautiful wall paints of this temple tell us the story of Ramayan-Mohabharat,krishna-Lila and Dev-Devied.

Puthia Palace :

The largest historical Hindus structures at Puthia in Rajshahi division of Bangladesh.This amazing monuments name is Govinda Temple.It's a large square structure crowned by a set of miniature ornamental towers still standing.

        Tour itinerary of north side Archaeological sites.

Day 01: Arrive Dhaka Airport of transfer to designated hotel. After lunch half day city sightseeing to old city area to visit Sadarghat riverfront, Dhakeshwari Hindu temple, Lalbag Mughal Fort, Central Shahid Minar, Curzon Hall of Dhaka University and the Parliament building. Overnight stay hotel.

Day 02: After Breakfast drive to Sonargaon (29km) by A/C tourist coach to visit ancient capital of Bengal. Sonargaon formerly known as Suvarnagram was a part of Buddhist Empire of Pala dynasty at the 7th Century AD. The main attraction of Sonargaon of today the ruins of old Panam city, some monuments and beautiful mosque of Muslim Sultan's period (1399-1409 AD can be visited. The attractive Folk-art museum, which has a rich collection of folk-art, cultural and traditional works, is located by the side of panoramic lake abnd gardens. (We may organize a river cruise in the great expanse of Meghna River by a country boat, which will be very much exciting). Lunch at wayside restaurant. After lunch drive to Mainamoti- Lalmai ridge (70km) where you can visit more than 50 ancient Buddhist relics of 7th-8th century A.D. These are mostly monasteries, temples and stupa. The most important findings from the excavations are Salban vihara, Kotila Mura, Vasu Vihara, Ananda vihara, Charapatra Mura, Itakhola Mura and Repbau Mura. The rich archaeological museum at Moinamoti is also very attractive for studies of Buddhism. Return Dhaka overnight at hotel.

Day 03: After breakfast drive to Bogra (229km) by AC coach passing through the 11th World's longest river JMUNA Bridge. Arrive Bogra and transfer to Parjatan Motel for lunch. After lunch visit the most distinctive and ancient archaeological sites at Mohsthangar. Here you can also visit several isolated mounds, ancient ruins and the rich archaeological museum. Drive to Rangpur (110km) transfer to parjatan motel for overnight stay at hotel.

Day 04: After breakfast drive to Kantajir Mandir (1752 AD) to visit the most ornamate Hindu Temple in every inch of the temple surface is extraordinary embellished with exquisite terracotta plaques representing Hindu mythological scenes. The natural setting of the temple and the unique countryside of the area have got a very special flavor for the nature loving tourist. Proceed to the destination of Paharpur via Dinajpur enroute visit the two other remnant of Sitakot Vihara and Jagaddal Vihara atDhamoir hat. Lunch at way side restaurant of Jaipurhat. After lunch visit the most spectacular Buddhist Shampura Vihara at Paharpur which is the largest Buddhist monastery in the sub-continent and the world heritage site. After the visit the monastery + the Citadel and the rich archaeological museum you will proceed to Rajshahi for overnight stay.

Day 05: Early in the morning drive to Chapai Nawabgonj to visit the famous historical Chhota Sona Mosque and the great historical site Gaud the capital of pre-Mughal Bengal. Return Rajshahi & visit the famous Varendra Research Museum the richest museum in the Asia and the finest silk factory, which has got worldwide reputation, proceed to Hindu Temple City Puthia (29 km) and visit the Puthia Rajbari (Palace), Govinda Temple and the largest Shiva Temple in an wonderful natural setup. Drive to Dhaka via Sirajgonj where you can have your lunch in a nice wayside restaurant. Reach Dhaka and overnight at hotel.

Day 06: After breakfast free time at your own. Transfer to Dhaka airport for onward destination.

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