The climate for Bangladesh is fluxible at present.It is tropical and subtropical with temperature  ranging from as low as 7 degree centigrade at night in the cold season and a day time top of above 40 degree centigrade in the hot season.Annual rainfall varies from 1000mm in the west to 250 mm in the southeast and up to 5000mm in the north near the hills of Assam.Three quarters of the annual rainfall occurs between June and September.The 90% to 95% humidity in this season is almost unbearable.

In the cold season the weather is drier and fresh with average day time temperature of 24 degree centigrade rainfall  is negligible.While early March can still be pleasant by April as the monsoon approaches humidity increases and lethal hailstorms are not uncommon.The monsoon season usually starts between late May and mid June.It does not rain solidly all day-there tends to be an initial downpour,followed by clear skies.

When is the best time to come in Bangladesh

Actually the visiting time in Bangladesh is the winter season.Winter season is start from mid -October to the end of February but if you have vacation,you will come to visit with contact any tour company.


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